Yeah, yeah, yeah, I am so happy, because my first CD has been released.

Please click on my jumping photo to get more information.

Hi, or G'day how we say in Australia, it’s me, the koala girl Pinky Flee.

Welcome to my Homepage.

Here you will find iformation and news about me and my friends Maja and Andy.

I'd like to know what you think about this site. Please write me what you like and don’t like or if there is anything you miss. If yyou cannot write yet, you can paint your ideas and send them to me to my email address.

But now have fun with my homepage.


Yours Pinky Flee

Look here. Andy is in America and there he gave my picture to the children in a school where he and his musical partner Rudi have played. Andy promised me that next time I will join him on a trip to America. I'm looking forward to it.


Andy and me had a picture in the newspaper. We had a lot of fun with these kids.