Here I tell you what I and my friends Maja and Andy can do with you when you invite us.

Hi kids,


do you like music? Do you like painting? Or do you prefer to be entertained? These all you can get when you invite me. I can come to your school or kindergarten or even to your private birthday party. But I won't come alone. My good friends Maja and Andy are going to accompany me.



Maja can schow you how she makes the pictures in my story books. The technique is called airbrush. And Andy can sing interactive songs with you and show you pictures of his trip to Australia where he met me. He plays the banjo as well and can teach you a little song.



And if there is more time, Maja can paint a picture together with you and Andy can teach you how to play the banjo.



Just get in touch with me or ask you teachers or your parents if they would be interested in the things we three can offer.

Until we are going to meet I wish you a good time.

Yours Pinky Flee.