Here I introduce you to members of my family and to friends you will get to know in my stories.

Hey, that's me. What can I say about myself? I love adventures and believe that sleeping is boring. I want to know everything. That I look differnet you can see. Why? Read my first story. The German version is already available. The English version will be available soon

My mom. Most of the time she is very nice but sometimes she scolds with me, usually when I come home too late. But how should I know when it's time to go home? There is no clock in our forest.

My dad. He cannot stand to have a daughter that looks different. But I don't give up my hope that one day he will get used to it. I wonder if he will congratulate me to my first birthday. I invite you to read about it in my second story.  

My brother Fizzy. For him it was so peculiar to have a different looking sister, that he had to shout it through the jungle until all our neighbors got the news. But after he apologized we now have a lot of fun climbing together through the trees.


Roger Wombat is our superstar and he knows how to party.

When he is a part of our show, nobody can keep sitting.

My Banjo. You might ask why I introduce it to you, but a music instrument can also be a friend. This banjo I always take with me and my friends enjoy listening to the sound. When I'm sad, I play a tune and that cheers me up. If you like to learn the banjo, I can teach you.